We have been going regularly to Newburyport Fish since the day they opened and have never been disappointed. The owner, Fred is amazing. He truly cares about the products he sells and the fisherman that provide them. Which means he gets the best for his customers. Top that with outstanding customer service from all his staff and you can’t beat it. We have purchased, oysters, scallops, swordfish, halibut, arctic char, shrimp and more and are always extremely satisfied. This market is an incredible asset to the community.
As a recreational and commercial fisherman, It takes a lot to impress me.Hands down the highest quality seafood in the area you can get without catching it yourself.
There is NO OTHER restaurant or market that carries locally sourced sushi grade bluefin tuna (in season)... I can tell you this with confidence.
The made to order poke bowls are amazing and the price is a bargain given the quality of the ingredients.
Ordering a poke bowl in a sit down restaurant would cost 3X what this place charges.
I would put this market up against any other on the seacoast.
Knowledge of their products, traceability of the fish right to the boat which caught it, and over the top friendliness and sincere passion of their craft is what sets this place apart.
Best swordfish ever. Definitely the best place around for fresh fish. The store is a great combination of traditional fish market with a clean upscale feel and friendly knowledgeable service. And it has parking!
Finally a local seafood market that easily rivals my favorite fish market in Portland, Maine. No more arduous rides North! Gorgeous fish. Big choice of shellfish. A local oyster “Sommelier!” Attention oyster lovers—this is definitely your place to go to enjoy the familiar, and yet discover many new kinds! Best of all, the owners are obviously passionate about impeccably sourced seafood and fish. Definitely fish locavores! They are happy and qualified to answer any questions. This purveyor is absolutely hands on and personally knowledgeable about all that crosses their threshold. I recently considered moving north to Maine, but as long as Newburyport Fish is here, I’m staying! I am so not kidding.
They just celebrated their one-year anniversary, and I’ve been a customer of their’s for about as long.
Before I started to go to FISH, I was intimidated by the local fish markets/co-ops/supermarkets. I wanted to learn how to cook fish at home, but was turned off by the smells and (let’s be real) attitudes of most fish stores. AND I’d had some bad experiences getting bad fish elsewhere.
So, I walked into the FISH Market soon after they opened, and I was struck by how friendly and helpful the staff were - I told them my dilemma was wanting to cook fish at least once a week while having a husband who was too skeptical to eat most fish dishes.
They gave me simple instructions on how to prepare scallops: screaming hot cast-iron pan, a little oil, salt, pepper, and a quick flip. My husband LOVED IT! I was hooked (all puns, intended).
Next week, I came back and tried Arctic char, which led to salmon and other fishes over the weeks/months ahead.
At Christmas, I had a recipe for baked stuffed clams and called to order larger clams, per the recipe. They found me the clams and, my word, that was the best baked stuffed clam me and my friends ever tasted!
Over time I realized they also stocked the best frozen shrimp I’d ever tastes - as well as the best cocktail sauces, miso, and poke sauce.
We are now up to 2 fish meals a week, all because this store made exploring fish as a protein source for home cooks less intimidating and much more fun.
— Customer email to The Boston Globe


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